Travel Information

The Marconi Conference Center is located on the east shore of Tomales Bay in the town of Marshall, California, 7 miles north of Point Reyes Station.

Workshop registration is on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, from 4 to 5pm in Buck Hall.  At 5pm we will have a mandatory orientation for all participants.  The week will end on Sunday, October 21, 2018, with workshops from 9:00 – 12:00pm followed by lunch and farewells.  Please plan your travel accordingly.

Airports:  The Marconi Conference Center can be reached from several Bay Area airports.   Both San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK) are approximately 60 miles and 1.5 hours from the conference center.  Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) is approximately 40 miles and 1 hour from the conference center.

Ground Transportation:  All three airports are served by most major car rental agencies and there is parking onsite at the Marconi Conference Center.  For door-to-door shuttles from the airport, Marconi recommends the following companies:

  • Marin Airporter Charter & Tours (415) 256-8830
  • Marin Door-to-Door (415) 457-2717
  • All West Coachlines, Inc. (916) 423-4000
  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation 1-800-546-6688
  • Black Tie Transportation 1-800-445-0444

Driving Directions:  Marconi provides recommended driving directions from most points on their website.  Please click here.

Ride Sharing:  If you wish to coordinate rides with other workshop participants please use the comments section below.


TelephoneThere is limited cell-phone service at Marconi Conference Center.  Please bring a Calling Card with a 1-800 access number to make calls from your guestroom phone or one of the public phones on the property.  To receive a call in your guestroom, give callers the private number posted by your guestroom phone – a 10-minute courtesy calling card is provided in each lodging room for this purpose.  Guestroom phones have no message service. Messages left at the Front Desk, (415) 663-9020, will be posted in the reception area or, in the case of an emergency, delivered.  The Front Desk cannot transfer calls to guestrooms.

Property Tips:

  • All Marconi buildings are non-smoking.  Ashtrays are located at entrances, on decks and on patios of buildings.
  • Guestrooms have bed linens; private bathrooms with towels, soap, drinking glasses, and coffee makers/supplies; clock-radios; flashlights; telephones (see above); and free, AT&T WiFi access.
  • The Front Desk sells candy, snacks, drinks, meeting supplies, souvenirs, note cards, postage stamps and a few toiletries.  A luggage cart, irons, ironing boards and hairdryers are available.  The Front Desk Staff has First Aid equipment, an AED, and directions to medical services.
  • Our self-service Business Center, located in the check-in building, offers our guests two computers with Wifi internet access, two printers, and a photocopier/scanner.
  • Comfortable walking shoes, a waterproof jacket or coat, and a sweater or sweatshirt are recommended.  Marconi has no TV, so reading materials are suggested.
  • Campers and motor homes are prohibited from parking at Marconi.  Fires, candles, incense and pets are also not permitted.

For additional information please contact us at  We look forward to seeing you in Tomales Bay!

15 Comments on “Travel Information

    • Hi! Two of us are arriving at SFO on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 12:25 p.m. and returning home via SFO on Sunday, Oct. 21 at 10:15 p.m. We’re going to reserve a shuttle and wonder if anyone is getting in and/or returning at about the same time and wants to share the ride. Let me know if you do. Thanks!

      • Hi, Ellie. I’m sorry I’ve been a slacker about this. Good thing my friend and writing buddy, Lynsley, was willing to pick up my slack. Here’s what she found out:

        Hi, Page and Ellie — it seems the best options from SFO are Marin Door-to-Door and another company called A Marin Taxi (415-868-8888 or Marin Door-to-Door quoted me $154 for 2 people and $169 for 3 (with small suitcases). P, I guess we could also look at renting a car and exploring a bit on the way to the airport on Sunday. Ellie, my email is if you’d like to connect with us.

        A Marin Taxi is LITERALLY a mom and pop shop. “My husband will have to call you back…he does the quotes.” She swears we can get an Uber or taxi pick up at the airport but that it’s typically getting picked up at the center that’s the thing you want to lock in. Guy at the center told me Uber won’t go out there, but it would make more sense if it’s pick ups and not drop offs that are the issue. Marin Door to Door has a website, so I’d be inclined to go with them for simplicity… I’m sure we are gonna pay $150 to $175.

      • Hi, Page and Ellie — it seems the best options from SFO are Marin Door-to-Door and another company called A Marin Taxi (415-868-8888 or Marin Door-to-Door quoted me $154 for 2 people and $169 for 3 (with small suitcases). P, I guess we could also look at renting a car and exploring a bit on the way to the airport on Sunday. Ellie, my email is if you’d like to connect with us.

      • Hi Page,
        I’m getting into SFO at 11am and would also love to get on the shuttle if there’s still space!

    • Hey, Brendan. We booked a car last week, and there’s only room for 3 of us (Lynsley, Ellie, me) and “small suitcases.” My bag may even be too big. Sorry!

  1. Hello! I live north of the panhandle in SF and I’m looking for a ride to Tomales Bay. Help? I’m a good travel companion. Really! I mean, I can play DJ and read Google maps…at the same time! I’m also very happy to pitch in for gas and I can bring snacks. If you’re also looking for a ride, another option is to rent a car or get a Zipcar and we can split it. Thanks!

    • Hi Chrissy! What time were thinking of going to Tomales Bay from San Francisco? I’ve been looking for a way to get there from San Francisco airport area, in the early afternoon. Happy to split the cost of a rental car / Zipcar.

      • Anjali — I rented a car from downtown SF and have room if you were able take BART into downtown SF between 1 and 1:30. If that works for you, shoot me an email @!

      • Hi Anjali! I emailed Pam, too. Maybe we can all get a ride together!

  2. Two of us attending the Tomales Bay writing workshop are looking for others who might be interested in sharing the Marin Door to Door Shuttle back to SFO Sunday 10/21. We will need to leave around :12:15 or 12:30 p.m. If you’re not interested in the shuttle, maybe you know people who are driving and would be willing to share their ride with us? Please contact Sharee at Or call 503.449.1625. Thanks!

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